Dramatic video shows car being rammed, roadside shooting near Boston


One car rammed another into a snowbank in Canton, Massachusetts, then a person got out of the rammed car with a handgun and shot at the other vehicle.

A dramatic roadside shootout on Sunday near Boston that was caught on camera wasn’t a random act of violence, police say.

In the video, taken by a passing motorist who was not involved in the shooting, one car rams another into a snowbank off of Route 138 in Canton, Massachusetts, about 15 miles south of downtown Boston.

The ramming vehicle then makes a u-turn on the road and drives back towards the vehicle in the snow bank. A person then emerges from the rammed car and used a handgun to fire at least three shots toward the other vehicle.

Canton Police Chief Ken Berkowitz told NBC Boston that there are “definite suspects” who fled the scene and that the ramming and shooting was an intentional act.

“Unfortunately in our society it’s getting worse. You know, things that were confined to the city or confined to other areas have now spread out all over the place,” Berkowitz said. “Criminals are more mobile — more guns available and unfortunately more people are willing to use them.”

Officers later found both vehicles, which were rentals with out-of-state plates, Berkowitz said. No suspects are in custody.

A Canton Police spokesperson told NBC News on Thursday that the investigation is ongoing.